EUIT has corporate and government customers throughout Australasia.  Many of them are leaders in their industry and every one of them is unique.

Just like your company, they all have their own specific challenges, legacy systems and requirements. That’s why we adapt components such as pricing comparisons and vendor-selection processes to your individual environment, using our tried-and-tested methods.

And you’ll be pleased to know that we’re not precious about our expertise so we work actively to transfer knowledge to your team.

What do we do

  • Public Sector Supply Panel Implementation

    Given the breadth of market experience EUIT has been engaged by Whole of Government entities at both Federal and State level. In addition, we have worked with bodies responsible for group procurement on behalf of bodies representing Councils. As a result we have considerable experience in working with:

    • Different legal supply structures

    • A wide variety Procurement guidelines

    • Transitioning from legacy supply arrangements

    • Introduction of new technologies.

  • Strategy Development

    EUIT assists customers in the development and execution of their technology sourcing strategy. Given EUIT’s exposure to a wide range of customer through the Asia Pacific region, it is ideally placed to advise of key trends and where organisations are obtaining the optimal leverage from their supplier relationships.

  • Cloud Services Adoption

    Vendors are starting to adopt the provision of cloud delivery mechanisms over a range of products and services. It’s critical to understand how these can affect your business, what to consider when choosing a provider, and how to plan the migration to this delivery model.

  • Telephony and Contact Centre

    With convergence now a reality, more companies are looking at migrating to Unified Communications. This is more than just ‘buying a new phone system’. EUIT can help you navigate the myriad offerings in the market.

  • Data Centre Migration

    Changes in hardware and the availability of quality, affordable data centre space, mean many organisations are considering migrating from ‘computer rooms’ to specialist facilities. EUIT can assist in this area.

  • Measuring Provider Performance

    Scorecards are powerful tools that allow you to compare supplier performance within and between categories and ensure they continue to support your business.

  • Developing Service Level Agreement

    Development assistance and help negotiating SLAs with suppliers – including everything from defining appropriate measurable SLA parameters to contract completion.

  • Application Migration

    Upgrading or implementing an ERP system or core application infrastructure involves costs and potential disruption to your business. Getting it right the first time is essential and EUIT can help.

About us

EUIT is formed out of advisory organisation Eklektik Consulting. The company was formed specifically to focus on key aspects of ICT procurement for the corporate and government market. All EUIT employees have a minimum of 25 years industry experience in areas as diverse as Telecoms, Telephony, Contact Centre, Service Management and Cloud. It also specialises in Transition Management helping businesses to realise the savings and benefits associated with procurement activities.


Our approach

Everyone claims to tailor solutions to their customers’ needs... but we promise to deliver. We work with you, where you work – short or long term. Our consultants have specialist industry knowledge and an intimate understanding of the Australian, New Zealand and South East Asian marketplace. They also know what it takes to make a small business big because they’ve all been there themselves and can bring that real-world experience to our clients, big and small. 

At EUIT, we don’t use off-the-shelf fixes. Your unique requirements and problems call for a handmade solution delivered in terms you can easily adopt. There’s no mystery – just ideas that work.


Because we encourage and deliver individual engagements with each client, categorising our services isn’t always easy. But our offerings do fall into a number of discrete categories:

  • Procurement Process Management

    Our role in the process is entirely customer-led. But typical of all our engagements is our effort to actively transfer skills and knowledge to our customers to help them with future projects. In this area, EUIT can be involved in:   

    1. RFP development
    2. Process management    
    3. Process review    
    4. Response assessment    
    5. Assessment framework development
  • Performance Scorecard Development

    After you’ve awarded the five-year outsourcing or supply agreement to a vendor, how do you ensure they will provide a consistently high level of service throughout the term of the agreement?

    One way is to introduce vendor performance scorecards. These compare a vendor’s performance across a range of categories, and create an element of competitive tension between vendors even though they may be in a sole supply agreement for a specific product or service. Performance scorecards also help when it comes to performance benchmarking.

  • Performance Benchmarking

    This service can involve benchmarking pricing to ‘the market’ or assessment of service performance against mutually agreed targets.

  • Procurement Strategy Development

    If you want to ‘outsource’ strategy development, then go to another consultancy. Our view is simple: yes, we can develop your strategy, but you know your business. We may be technology experts, but any strategy must ultimately be owned by the organisation that has to execute on it. We feel the responsible approach is to support our clients in the development of relevant ICT strategies and to help implement them within their businesses.

  • Market Assessment

    Many companies work with EUIT simply to understand where the market is going. We sit across numerous projects in a wide range of sectors, so we’re able to comment on trends and give insights into technology adoption.

  • Tender Response

    Who better than an organisation that specialises in developing tenders to help you organisation to a complex tender. We help vendors in a number of ways from Tender Response training right the way through to assistance in interpreting and completing the response…and before you ask, this is only for processes with which we have had no input.

  • Change Agency and Managing Transition

    A key element that differentiates EUIT is the fact that we ‘own’ the outcomes of our processes. This often involves working on behalf of the customer to ensure that vendor promises are carried through and the benefits of a particular processed are realised during and after the implementation of any new solution. 


EUIT has an extensive reach into corporate Australia and New Zealand. We have assisted in the procurement of over $2billion worth of products and services with a client list covering household names in Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing and Primary Industries. In addition we are accredited to provide services at a Federal and State Government level.

  1. AMP
  2. ANZ
  3. Auckland Savings Bank
  4. Australia Post
  5. Australian Government
  6. Bank of New Zealand
  7. Bankofus
  8. Boral
  9. Country Energy
  10. Fletcher Building
  11. Flight Centre
  12. Holcim 
  13. La Trobe University
  14. Local Buy
  15. National Australia Bank
  16. News Limited
  17. New South Wales Government
  18. NSW Department of Commerce
  19. Orica 
  20. RAA
  21. RACQ
  22. SSROC
  23. Swinburne University
  24. State of Queensland
  25. Tabcorp
  26. Tasmanian Government
  27. Westpac
  28. Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  29. Wesfarmers


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